Travel Insurance – Everything you need to know



This article provides information on all you need to know about travel insurance, its types and just how it works. 


What is travel insurance? 

Travelling is almost inevitable. The need to move from one point to another is essential. Whether it’s for business purposes, for pleasure or even when you’re changing locations, we all find the need for travelling. 

As with every single activity that exists, there’s a risk of something terrible happening. Unfortunate events have a chance of occurring, and in travelling, it is no different. Travel insurance is, therefore, an insurance policy that covers the damages or losses that you incur when you travel. Travel insurance provides compensation for these losses to the insured. 

How does travel insurance work?

Travel insurance compensates you for your financial losses after the event has occurred and you make a claim. As with every other type of insurance, the compensation comes after the claim has been approved. The insurance company verifies that what happened was indeed unplanned and is an event fully covered under your insurance policy agreement.

What are the types of travel insurance?

  • Trip cancellation and interruption: this type of travel insurance covers the insured if the trip is cancelled or there is an interruption. Cancellation and disruption can be caused by many factors, from sickness, weather, or even wars. 
  • Lost or Stolen Luggage/Property: the probability of losing your luggage when you travel is a high one. It could have been stolen or lost in transit. This type of travel insurance covers you in the event that you lose your luggage or it gets stolen. It also covers delayed luggage; that is, luggage left behind. 
  • Medical Emergencies: evidently, no one plans to fall sick or get injured while on a trip. However, it could happen. This type of travel insurance ensures that you receive compensation should you or any other person covered under your insurance get sick or have an injury. Medical emergencies travel insurance policies usually cover both emergency medical expenses and medical evacuation (medical expenses incurred in taking a sick or injured person back to their home country)
  • Travel Delay: sometimes the trips just aren’t cancelled or interrupted. They’re simply delayed. This doesn’t mean there are any losses; however, as a delayed flight could cause a total upheaval of schedules and further time-based damages. A travel delay travel insurance provides cover for these kinds of events. 

What does travel insurance cover?

A lot could go wrong when you travel. Typical travel insurance policies provide coverage in the event of cancelled trips, medical expenses from emergencies, lost or stolen baggage. More comprehensive policies cover extra occurrences such as evacuations. 

Why do you need it? 

Travelling comes with a lot of worries about risks. Figuring out all the trip would entail, and handling them while having the perfect trip is almost impossible, but with travel insurance, you have a sense of safety and security. Travel insurance has your back so that you can focus on your trip itself. 


A travel insurance policy is just what you need if you’re expecting to move around a lot. There’s enough trouble worrying about your destination, and travel insurance eases those worries. 

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