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Travel insurance is a part of the most important types of insurance there is, especially for people who do a lot of travelling. It provides compensation for travel-related losses or damages. As such, anyone with a travel insurance policy does not lose out entirely whenever an unfortunate event occurs during their travels. 

South Africa has over 170 insurance companies, each offering various policies that indemnify against losses and damages. In this article, we look at insurance companies in South Africa that offer the best travel insurance services.

Which companies in South Africa offer the best travel insurance services?

With the number of insurance companies in South Africa reaching hundreds, any one of them could provide excellent travel insurance services to potential customers. A great travel insurance cover will give its holder peace of mind and nothing to worry about. Here are some of the top insurance companies in South Africa that provide such services;

  1. FNB Travel Insurance: 

This travel insurance company prides itself on the simplicity of its packages. As simple as they are, all the essentials are covered. Buying a travel insurance policy from FNB offers you extensive medical expenses cover of up to R10 million and personal liability up to R2.5 million. Their travel insurance policies also provide protection for accidental death, cancelled trips, delayed trips and luggage stolen, damaged or lost. Side attractions to their policies also include special offers for the elderly. FNB is known for its high compensation value.

  1. Nedbank Travel Insurance: 

Nedbank offers automatic insurance for its preexisting cardholders, although it is limited. Upon upgrading the package, you receive a slew of benefits, such as cover for emergency health issues, delayed or lost baggage, missed flights/trips, as well as upgrades on tickets class.

  1. ABSA Travel Insurance: 

Using an ABSA credit card to purchase aeroplane tickets grants you automatic ABSA travel insurance, which can be upgraded to full insurance cover for an additional fee.  ABSA travel insurance protects trips up to 184 days, as well as cover for trips with activities considered to be dangerous, which most policies will flag as a risk and reason not to honour a claim. Their policies also cover passport losses, wrongful detention, Medical emergencies, legal fees, money loss, losses due to hijacking. ABSA’s travel insurance is one of the most comprehensive. 

  1. Standard Bank Travel Insurance: 

Just like ABSA cardholders, Standard Bank credit visa and cheque cardholders are entitled to free automatic travel insurance, which is valid for up to 90 days. If you choose to upgrade the plan, then you are entitled to covers protecting them on trips that last up to 180 days, cover for any medical expenses, death and or permanent disability. It also covers the costs of family visits during emergencies, as well as other fees such as legal fees and the essential covers of travel insurance. If you are looking for a travel insurance policy that is geared towards health expenses, Standard Bank Travel Insurance is your best bet. 

  1. AIG Travel Insurance: 

AIG is a multinational insurance company operating in South Africa. They offer straightforward and comprehensive travel insurance which provides cover for cancelled or interrupted trips, lost luggage, emergency medical expenses as well as car rentals. They also have deluxe packages which include additional benefits like emergency dental services and pet insurance.


If you are on the lookout for travel insurance policies, these aforementioned are some of the best.  

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