Top 10 Insurance Companies in Ghana


For risk management, nothing handles it better than having insurance that covers the entire process. Today you can insure just about anything as far as you can find the right company that covers such service.

From life to health and property insurance, buying insurance from one of the top insurance companies in Ghana is the best way to secure your valuables.

Insurance in Ghana

Over the years, a good deal of insurance companies has migrated to Ghana by leveraging certain selling points. Quick payout, less rigorous claim processes, and brief acknowledgement of claim duration, the best companies pack all these qualities in one for perfect user experience.

This article reviews some top insurance companies in Ghana.

Why Insurance?

Insurance protects you from unforeseen risks. When a valuable asset is destroyed or affected by unforeseen incidence, having insurance covers you by replacing the asset at no cost.

Top Insurance Companies in Ghana

In no particular order, here are some top insurance companies in Ghana that you can rely on to provide the best services.

  1. State Insurance Company (SIC): 

SIC prides itself on being the best provider of non-life insurance covers in Ghana. Just as the name implies, it is a public company with over 14,000 shareholders and is committed to ensuring satisfactory services for you. Its major insurance areas are; oil and gas, travel, marine, and accident.

  1. Enterprise Insurance Company: 

Public listed and established in 1924, enterprise insurance is the first insurance company in Ghana, and the oldest insurance company running to date in the country.

It has grown over the years by offering life-changing solutions and dedication to improving lives through finance management. It offers an array of insurance services, including; trustees and funeral services and property insurance.

  1. Allianz Insurance Company:

This insurance company is owned by the Allianz group in Germany. They have brought positive change and credibility to the insurance industry in Ghana through their services.

  1. Metropolitan Life insurance Ghana Limited: 

Metropolitan life insurance secures your future by offering limited health package insurance, and policies on investment and education.  

  1. Star Life Assurance Company Limited: 

Located in Mankata Avenue Accra, Star life assurance has a reputation for being among the best insurance companies in Ghana. This is because of its life investment products that cover the needs of many citizens in the country.

  1. National Medical Insurance:

The specialty of the National Medical Insurance Company is in health. In this area, there are few other insurance companies that come close to the services they offer. NMI offers health packages that cover all health demise.

  1. Saham Insurance:

This Pan-Africa Insurance group offers many insurance services for citizens of Ghana. They have been in operation for over 37 years and have packages that cover; health insurance, life insurance, reinsurance, and non-life insurance.

  1. Global Institute of Islamic Banking, Insurance, and consultancy Limited:

This is one of the international insurance companies in Ghana that also offers some of the best services. To trust their consultancy and financial services that really come in handy for risk management.

  1. Activa Insurance Company:

Another member of a Pan-African insurance group, Activa insurance is the 7th largest insurance company in Ghana. They offer premium insurance services to customers all around the nation.  

  1. Hollard 2U Ashaiman:

Hollard specializes in insuring your commercial and personal properties all across Ghana. They are registered and provides one of the best services in risk management.


Insuring valuable assets or even personal items too could save you a whole lot of financial loss.

Insurance is one of the best risk management strategies that you can bring into your businesses today, and we have listed some of the best companies you can do that through. Start by visiting one today. 

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