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The idea of losing your phone is something no one wants to imagine. After spending and sometimes emptying your vault to get your gadget, thoughts of replacement can get scary.

Mobile phones today are more than just machines for most people. They are part of our daily lives, companions and they are business tools. This is enough reason to ensure that they are protected in case the unexpected happens. Understanding how phone insurance works could be the key to keep your phone safe.

How Phone Insurance works

Mobile phone insurance works just like how most insurance plans work, you pay for a plan and get cover for the phone. The plans may be subscribed to monthly, or payment made in whole at the point of purchase.

What does phone insurance cover?

The most basic need for phone insurance is to offer protection in case it is lost, stolen or damaged. However, the following list the advantage of and types of covers that phone insurance policies offer.

  • Loss or Theft: This is one of the most basic needs of phone insurance. If you misplace your phone or it gets stolen, your insurance plan can cover the replacement cost.
  • Manufacturing Defects: When something goes wrong with your phone but it isn’t your fault, your insurance plan steps in to cover the damage. For instance, if your phone develops a fault after the manufacturer’s warranty is expired. 
  • Battery Replacement: Some phone insurance policies cover battery replacement upon request when the battery goes bad.
  • Repairs and accidental damage: Apart from having insurance plans that cover the cost of replacement for your phones, repairs are also included. The costs of repair is handled by the insurance plan
  • Water Damage: Water damage is treated differently by most phone insurers because a lot of plans don’t cover water damage.

Why you need phone insurance

Insurance has always been about offering peace of mind for the insured. This does not exclude phone insurance. If you consider yourself accident-prone you should get mobile insurance to ensure you’re safe and covered. So, whether you got the latest Samsung or iPhone you feel secure about what would happen if it got lost or stolen.

If you rely heavily on your phone, an insurance plan for it is a good decision. You never can tell when the next accident could happen and itโ€™s always better to have plans for a replacement ahead.


The cost of mobile phones today is high and also the cost of repairs. It is okay to take further steps to ensure that you prepare for unfortunate events. After accessing the kind of damage you might be prone to, make sure the insurance policy you choose has the cover you need.

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