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The primary goal of an insurance company is to take away fear or risk from customers with a promise to pay for damages or losses affecting life or property. Although the products offered by insurers are the same, each company has its unique array of value-added services for customers. It is therefore advised that you look for the best insurance companies when you need to buy any insurance. Listed below are four of the best insurance companies in Kenya. 

CIC General Insurance: 

This is one of the most experienced insurance company in Kenya. Existing for over three decades, the insurance firm brought to the table, innovative products that have in turn made it one of the best medical insurance companies in Kenya. The CIC also plays the role of a leading provider of micro-insurance in Kenya. Some of the products offered by this company include 

  1. General insurance
  2. Life assurance
  3. Health insurance. 

The company’s numerous policies cover both individuals/families and businesses. You can contact CIC by calling them via +254-703-099-120. 

AAR Insurance Kenya

As one of the oldest and best insurance companies in Kenya, AAR insurance began operations in 1984 where its primary business model was to evacuate accident casualties by road and air. However,  over the years, the company has created more opportunities for its customers for the sole purpose of comprehensive health cover. 

The company currently provides several insurance solutions and they include:

  1. Travel insurance,
  2. Personal accident cover
  3. Individual and family medical plans
  4. Business enterprise medical plans
  5. Professional Indemnity cover and
  6.  Homeowners insurance. 

 The AAR Insurance is as well a prominent provider of school, marine, and landlord insurance cover. You can contact them through or the company’s telephone; +254-703063-000, +254-730-633-000, and +254-20-289-5000. 

AIG Kenya Insurance Company:

This insurance company proves to be one of the largest general insurance companies in the world. In the Republic of Kenya, the company has witnessed significant growth to become one of the leading insurance companies in the country. The company provides various products for businesses as well as individuals. Some of its services include

  1. Domestic package insurance
  2. Private and commercial motor vehicle insurance
  3. Motorcycle insurance
  4. Travel insurance
  5. Individual personal accident insurance 
  6. Image protector insurance, amongst others. 

The company has provided a wide range of insurance solutions for businesses and they include; property, aviation, and marine insurance. The company as well covers business liabilities and has a wide spectrum of financial options to protect both SMEs and large corporations. Easy contact can be made through email at, or call via +254-20-3676-000, +254-723-600-400, +254-723-600-500, and +254-731-091-298.

British-American Insurance Company Kenya Limited (BRITAM)

As another leading insurance company in Kenya, BRITAM offers a wide and unique  range of financial services and products concerning banking and property, asset management, and insurance. It is one of the best life, general, and micro-insurance companies in Kenya and it provides products for both businesses and individuals. Some of the products are

  1. Medical insurance
  2. Personal accident cover
  3. Home insurance
  4. Motor vehicle insurance
  5. Fire insurance and Marine insurance. 

You can contact Britam through email at or call +254-705-100-100.


It should not be forgotten that the best insurance companies are those that have your interests as a customer at heart. Experts have advised that it is much easier to work with experienced providers in the finance world and we have given you a lost of the most dominant in Kenya. 

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