Health Insurance Companies in South Africa


Health Insurance Companies in South Africa

In South Africa, healthcare is a widely discussed topic with the government’s attempt to make reforms as a fix to the falling state system. It is therefore important that people consider private insurance plans that will cover them against any forthcoming issue. 

It is safe to note that the South African healthcare system is tiered into public and private where about 8 – 10 individuals rely on the public healthcare system. As a matter of fact, the quality of public healthcare is poor in South Africa and this is caused by outdated facilities and unmatching staff. Basically everyone is covered by public healthcare in South Africa, regardless of nationality or immigrant status. 

South African health insurance companies.

1.African Unity Life.

African Unity Life outlines long-term health insurance. For the reason that a lot of medical aids are quite expensive, the company offers health care options for a large number of people. Individuals and companies. They have various long-term group health cover options and they are available to cover specific needs. Their group health insurance products can be tailored for larger employer groups, brokerages, unions and bargaining councils. They also offer a selection of ready-made options. 

2. Discovery health. 

Considered the largest medical insurer in South Africa, the company has over 1.5 million subscribers. The scheme drives value-based healthcare where they place customers in the center of these services. They provide their members with safe, efficient and effective healthcare facilities in South Africa. For sustenance and efficiency, the scheme closely monitors their innovations and initiatives. 

3. Selfmed. 

This is one of the smaller healthcare providers in South Africa. Despite its small size in the market, it claims to ensure that members receive the personalized and individual attention they deserve. They have such database that equally provides services for individuals as well as their company. They have a wide range of plans that suit various needs for various customers. 


These companies offer products that suit their various customers and as support to the failing healthcare system in the country. However, there are other foreign health insurance companies with agents and offices in South Africa. These foreign companies cover healthcare issues for people staying in South Africa and such companies include AXA PPP Healthcare, BUPA international, Now Health International, Integra Global, the Exeter Friendly Society and HealthCare international. 

In fact, these companies offer special policies for expatriates, and most policies include repatriation or evacuation as the case may be. Experts have advised that when you need to buy private health insurance in the country, opt for local insurance companies and as well, international insurance companies. 

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