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Estrella Insurance

Estrella insurance; turning insurance rates upside down. The official quote of the company states a majority of what they stand for. The company is one of the top tier firms in the industry, specializing in providing unique insurance rates based on customer location. Their services are of top quality and cover an array of personal and business-related insurance. Hereā€™s everything you need to know:

About Estrella Insurance

Estrella Insurance operates as an insurance broker that guarantees their potential customers full coverage plans. They function as an insurance agent to over 30 different companies. Insurance is very important in our world of uncertainty.

Furthermore, they operate in several parts of the world, including Florida, Arizona, California, and Texas.

They offer outstanding insurance policies; therefore, they are one of the best existing insurance companies. Their product offering includes auto, commercial, homeowners, boat, motorcycle, health insurance, and life insurance.

Estrella Insurance aims at helping its clients to save time and money. Also, they help you achieve your insurance plans in a simple, easy, and cost-effective manner.

They assist you in choosing the right coverage that can adequately protect you and your family. They also offer these services at very affordable prices.

Pros and ConsĀ 

  • They make finding insurance coverage at affordable rates easy for their customersĀ 
  • Provision of the best and lowest quotes
  • If you need a helping hand, they can help you select the best coverage that suits you
  • Also, they help their customers find affordable insurance that covers all they need to make sure they are protectedĀ 

Details - Estrella Insurance

Estrella Insurance Products

The Insurance company offers an array of insurance policies. They include

Auto Insurance:

Generally, an Auto insurance plan is to cover you in the event of a car disaster. This includes accidents, car theft, etc. It is important to note that having a car insurance is not a replacement for proper car care. You need to arm yourself with sufficient knowledge to take good care of your car by checking out some reputable car blogs. On that note, they provide its customers with three major types of Auto Insurance coverage. They include:

  • The Property Coverage: They design this to cover damages for damages to vehicles or on the occasions of theft of your vehicle.
  • The Liability Coverage: This solely exists to cover your legal responsibility to others, which includes bodily injuries or damages.
  • Medical Coverage: They design Medical Insurance to cover for the cost of treatment for bodily injuries, lost wages, or funeral expenses.

  • Commercial Insurance

Their product covers your Commercial Auto insurance, such as;

  • Auto, Contractors,
  • For-Hire Transportation
  • For-Hire Specialty, Tow and even
  • Pizza and Restaurant Delivery.

In addition, they provide you with several options from which you can choose the best and most suitable for your needs. They make professional Agents available to assist you in achieving this and provide you with their expert opinions. With Estrella Commercial Insurance, you can cover your commercial Automobile at a great competitive rate without losing your coverage.

  • Home Insurance:

You can also refer to this insurance as Renters Insurance. They understand that home is one of the major investments of an individual. Therefore, it (home) requires adequate protection against unexpected events. The company helps you to seek the best insurance coverage through their agents. Then they compare it with the best rates in the market in order to get the very best. They company also offer Landlord Insurance and Rentersā€™ Insurance to protect your personal property.

  • Business/Workers Comp. Insurance:

They can help you protect your business. They offer the best Business Insurance policies, which include; General Liability, Business Owners Policies, and Workers Compensation Insurance. Their professional agents are always ready to assist and answer your questions. They will also help you discover the right coverage based on your needs and requirements.

  • Health/Life Insurance:

Another important insurance you should not joke with is your health insurance policy. As a matter of fact,Ā  it is the most important aspect of your life. Estrella Insurance will help you discover the right Health Coverage based on your needs and at the lowest price.

Other available policies you can opt for include the Boat Insurance and Motorcycle Insurance. Estrella Professional Agents are just a click away to guide you through all you need.

Get an Estrella Insurance quote

Requesting a quote has been made easy by Estrella Insurance for all and sundry.

To request a quote:

  1. Kindly Visit their official website onĀ 
  2. Click on the drop-down menu Icon
  3. Select the insurance policy that suits you.
  4. Enter the necessary details required of you.

In no time, Estrella Insurance Agent will reach out to you.

Estrella Insurance reviews

According to a rating by,, the company has a rating of 3.9 out of 5.0. This value is an estimation from an average of 9 reviews. The rating breakdown is as follows:

  • Work-life balance ā€“ 4.0
  • Pay benefit -2.8
  • Job security and advancement ā€“ 3.3
  • Management – 3.3
  • Culture ā€“ 3.8

How to start a business with Estrella Insurance Franchise

Estrella Insurance in a bid of maintaining its excellence and expanding its reach offers franchise opportunities to prospective entrepreneurs. They are dedicated to working with business owners as partners by equipping them with the right support needed to succeed.Ā 


They provide the following tools under the franchise agreement

  1. MarketingĀ  and advertising
  2. Onboarding and support
  3. Proven business model
  4. Brand strength
  5. Financing
  6. Multi-unit opportunitiesĀ 

Also, you can leverage their contact details below.

Estrella Insurance Phone Number and Contact

You can contact Estrella Insurance company for more information through:


Or, Call: 1-888-511-7722,

For Online Support;


You can also visit their website –

Estrella Insurance Near Me

Looking for Estrella Insurance Office near you? Click here for directions,-80.8017758,9.09z


Estrella Insurance offers an excellent service provision to all its customers. They truly are one of a kind as they seek to provide their customers with the best coverage.Ā  Their purpose of existence is to see you covered. Contact them today and you will be glad you did

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