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CIC insurance group is a giant financial institution based in Kenya Nairobi. Established far back in 1968, the CIC group has branches across different countries in Africa. 

They have provided flexible insurance services to customers for over 4 decades, building a solid trust foundation along the way. Asides Kenya where the headquarters is, there are other branches in Uganda, Malawi and South Sudan.  

About CIC Insurance Group

CIC insurance group ranks among the most successful and fast-growing insurance firms in Kenya. They were also recently listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) and won the 2012 Annual Insurance Claims Settlement Award. All these aforementioned qualities are down to their consistency and excellence in meeting your needs as a customer.

What services does CIC Insurance offer?

A good way to successfully categorize the services provided by CIC is “if you may need it, then we have it”. CIC Insurance has insurance packages that cover all your personal and business needs. Their products also cater to large corporations as well as small to medium-sized enterprises.

General Insurance: 

Their general insurance provides cover for you across multiple areas of your life. With general insurance, you can insure just about anything. Examples of some areas are:   

·         Motor Insurance.

·         Marine Insurance.

·         Agriculture Insurance.

·         Personal Accident.

·         School Products.

·         Customized Products.

·         Other products.

Life Assurance


With BIMBA CREDO, you can purchase life insurance by recharging through a designated line (181818). At the demise of such an individual, the beneficiary is entitled to 4.2 times the total amount of credit purchased. As a beneficiary, they entitle you to a maximum of KES 200,000.

  1. CIC Academia Policy:

This is a flexible policy that helps you save over time for your child’s future. The assured sum caters for their future in an event of your demise.

  1. Group Life Assurance: 

Group assurance life plan helps you provide insurance for your employees as an employer. It ensures financial security for their families in your demise. 

  1. Keyman Policy:

They design keyman policy for valuable employees of a company. In the event of death, it ensures that the company gets compensation on whatever income they got. This way there would be no loss incurred.

  1. Jikinge:

This is a lot like group life assurance. Purchasing this policy provides insurance for employees against death and accidents. Benefits are uniform for all the insured under each group policy.  

  1. CIC Jipange Pension Plan:

 Jipange pension plan provides a platform for you to plan for your retirement and save for your future. It is operated by you making regular contributions to the account.  

  1. CIC Family Protector Policy:

This plan has a relatively low premium cost and flexible arrangement regarding its duration and payment. It insures you as the breadwinner of the family against untimely death.  

  1. The Board Members Insurance Plan:

Just as the name implies, this plan covers you as a board member of a company. It is a financial protection plan for your retirement.

  1. Annuity Plan:

In the annuity plan, you have a guarantee of receiving an income for life from age 50 and above. It offers guaranteed income to both single and joint life (you and your spouse) with an option of 3 guarantee periods.   

  1. CIC Last Expense Plan:

CIC’s last expense plan provides financial relief to help out the family of an insured demised individual. This helps ease burial expenses.

  1. CIC Smart Saver Policy:

With the smart saver policy, you can save for any period to meet a financial need. This plan makes actions like purchasing a home, car, or going on holidays much easier.

  1. Mepip: 

This covers members of a SACCO that are between ages 18 and 75, and has outstanding loans. It provides payment in case of death or permanent disability.

  1. Loan Guard: 

Lastly, the loan guard provides insurance in case of death or permanent disability to your loved ones.

Health Insurance:

CIC health insurance plans provide coverage for the health of individuals in a corporation, family, and employees of SMEs. The different categories are:

·         CIC Medisure Corporate.

·         CIC Medisure Family.

·         CIC Medipack Insurance.

Asset Management: 

Asides insurance The CIC insurance group provides other services that you as an investor can benefit from. This includes:  

·         CIC Equity Fund.

·         CIC Balanced Fund.

·         CIC Fixed Income Fund.

·         CIC Money Market Fund.

·         Income Draw Down Fund.

·         Segregated Umbrella Fund.

·         Unity Trust FAQs.

·         CIC Pensions.

To find out more about the details of services offered by CIC insurance, visit their official website at

How do I contact CIC insurance to purchase their services?

You can contact CIC insurance by going to any of their branches in your country or sending a mail to

For quick questions and inquiries, you can also chat CIC insurance up on WhatsApp through +254 772 204 572 or directly call on +254 703 099 120. You can visit their official website ( to see the branch closest to you.


CIC insurance has an undoubted history of excellence and a stress-free claim process.

They also have diverse insurance and investment packages that cover all your needs. Put your trust in them today and we can assure you zero regrets.

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CIC Insurance

CIC insurance group is a giant financial institution based in Kenya Nairobi. Established far back in 1968, the CIC group has branches across different countries