Building Insurance in South Africa

Building insurance is a very secure way to cover your asset from damages. In truth, several things could go wrong in your house, from fire


CIC Insurance

CIC insurance group is a giant financial institution based in Kenya Nairobi. Established far back in 1968, the CIC group has branches across different countries


Jubilee Insurance Review

Being listed in the Aer-es-Salaam Stock Exchange, Nairobi Securities Exchange, and Uganda Securities Exchange speak volumes about their reputation and credibility.  They established Jubilee Insurance


Top 10 Insurance Companies in Ghana

For risk management, nothing handles it better than having insurance that covers the entire process. Today you can insure just about anything as far as


Monarch Insurance Review

Monarch Insurance Review Are you a business personnel with assets that you would like to protect? Or have to because losing them would cause a


Pacis Insurance Company Review

This article provides information and details on everything you need to know about Pacis Insurance Limited.  About the company PACIS stands for PEACE in the


Geminia Insurance Review

If you’re on the lookout for an insurance company in Kenya that has an established record for providing amazing services to its clients, then this

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